Terms & Conditions

The Service: This is an online ecommerce website where users' content is published at their request. The administrator does not engage in any cash or any other transactions. It is a willing seller - willing buyer arrangement.

Our role: This is an advertising platform only.

Our rights to use your content: The user has allowed the administrator to use his/her content only for advertising purposes

Rules about your content: The administrator can amend or delete content as he/she wishes without informing the user

Report abuse: Report abuse through the contact details in this website

Limited warranties: The user gives the administrator the right to discontinue website publication information

Trade marks: Trade mark ownership of website by Under 1K Store.

Law and Jurisdiction: Governing laws of the Republic of Kenya

Security: The user to contact the administrator if any changes or breach of security is observed

Disputes: Any disputes shall be resolved by the buyer and seller and not the administrator