The Powerful 5C's That Will Benefit Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Happy Man
Happy Man

Starting a business can be challenging and requires patience and perseverance, in order for one to achieve the set goals and objectives. It can be a very long journey for some, for others, it may be shorter.

"An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create" - David Karp, Tumblr founder. A good entrepreneur knows that he should always deliver more than expected. This cuts across every business industry, whether large or small.

Here are 5 tips to help you get started or continue with your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Comfort Zone

'Comfort is your biggest trap and coming out of comfort zone your biggest challenge" - Manoj Arora.'

You must step out of your comfort zone for you to realize your full potential. You have to be uncomfortable in order to be successful at whatever it is you want to achieve, be it business or personal.

Pushing your personal boundaries can help you get more done. You will be able to handle business challenges better. Get outside of your comfort zone to widen your circle of contacts. Networking can be very beneficial to your business.

2. Commitment

What will set you apart from mediocrity is your level of dedication towards achieving your set business goals and objectives. Commitment goes hand in hand with hard work. Commitment is the one thing that will ensure you’re successful in whatever you do.

If you are committed to your purpose, you will have endurance to keep going because of your mental state which is wired to work endlessly towards your dreams.

3. Courage

Courage can be hard and scary because it allows you to face your fallibility.

Facing difficult things head-on in your entrepreneurial journey is the only way you and your business can grow. Contrary to popular belief, courage is actually a teachable and learnable skill, and everyone has the capability to be courageous.

Entrepreneurs who become good leaders have a greater than average willingness to make bold moves because they see courage as a tool rather than an obstacle. So, if you have a dream of starting a business, be courageous enough to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your dreams.

4. Consistency

Be consistent in what you offer as a business. This will help you stay relevant in the mind of your customers. If you sell camera mtumba clothes, and you have specialized in getting some cool second-hand outfits, be consistent.

Not only should you be consistent in what you deliver, but how you deliver. If you are a mum who sells pishori rice to your neighbors, and you deliver for free, be consistent. Don't deliver one day, the next day you tell your customers you can't, then again you deliver after two days, and so forth. This isn't good for your business.

5. Communication

Here, I'm not referring to communicating with your customers - don't get me wrong - effective communication with your customers is very important; it's a two-way street. I'm talking about communicating with oneself, better known as self-talk.

When your biashara is going through hurdles, positive self-talk will keep you hopeful and optimistic. It's also a stress management tool. If you are able to manage your stress levels, you will be able to make calculated decisions.

I like to tell myself whenever I'm having my little self-talk that I go into a meeting with 'me, myself, and I.'


If you are motivated and willing to embrace these 5 factors, your journey to success will be guaranteed.

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