Reasons Why Your Customer is Not Always Right

The cliché that the customer is always right is so common that some companies build their business models off of it. However, this is not a good business strategy.

This should not be mistaken to mean that an organization does not value its customers' opinions and suggestions. We all agree that a business without customers is just a group of people pitching a product/service to deaf ears. Making the customer right is a positive business ethic that should be used carefully and wisely. This also sets a standard for the customer service department to strive for excellence.

Having said that, we should not be oblivious to the fact that our dear customers are sometimes not always right. Here's why.

1. Customers make your employees miserable

Which organization has not experienced an unruly customer? Not so long ago I witnessed a customer spit on a customer service representative and I found that to be unacceptable. No matter the industry you work in, the company you work for, or how many customers you have, every once in a while you will have to deal with an upset customer.

Customers must get this message that though they are important, they are not indispensable while supporting employees always pays extra. When it comes down to supporting your employee or supporting an irate and insensible customer, you should support your employee. You want your customers to know that while you value them, you will not allow them to abuse your employees. The more you support your employees, the better customer service they will give the customers.

You will never get the full potential of your employees if they are sad and miserable. You certainly need them to be on your side.

2. Customers hurt your business

Many businesses think that “the more customers the better.” But some customers are quite simply bad for business. Believe me or not, some customers are toxic to your business. If a customer is constantly creating stress for your company, abusing employees, always complaining, and giving bad referrals, you need to let go of that person or business.

Disgruntled customers wear away employees' spirits, involve a very high quantity of resources, and add to employee stress levels.

"It is sometimes sensible to lose a customer in a bid to protect the company and its workforce."

Sometimes it is safer for entrepreneurs to avoid unreasonably disgruntled customers rather than spend a lot of time and energy trying to appease them.

Angry customer

3. Customers pits management against employees

It is dangerous for a business when customers' activities bring a rift between management and employees. When you show your employees that the customer is always right even when it is outwardly unfair, it causes employee resentment against managers, proves that management values customers more than employees and shows a lack of trust towards the employees from the management. Remember that your employees are your first and most valuable customers, and management should hold them in high esteem. When you put the employees first, they put the customers first

4. Customer is making unreasonable demands

Sometimes a customer calls and asks or demands that you make an impossible deadline, provide a benefit that you just can't, or reduce your prices to a level that will jeopardize your business. Well, it can be quite dreadful to the sales and customer care guys. Some of these customers will take up so much of your time running around from one boss to another asking for approvals or advice, then eventually you realize that it was all a waste of time.

Just let these clients from hell stay there. They are not worth your time and effort. These are individuals who make unreasonable demands from you and more often than not are not willing to compensate you for such demands. Try and identify these customers early enough to save you from headaches.


It goes without saying that companies should always strive for excellent customer service, but if you adamantly support the notion that the customer is always right, this could hurt your business by creating unhappy employees, empowering rude and unreasonable customers, and killing employee morale and innovation. Trust me, you do not want that for your business.

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