5 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Your business brand is how your customers identify and experience your business. It reflects what your business stands for and what sets it apart from your competitors. Every business has a brand regardless of size, products, or service offerings.

Marketing on the other hand involves establishing awareness, attracting new customers, and building lasting relationships. Marketing uses communication and advertising tactics to persuade customers that your brand, including your products and services, is exactly what they need.

Small businesses are constantly experiencing challenges in marketing their brands because of low cash. It has become increasingly difficult for SMEs to embark on marketing campaigns because of very tight budgets. In as much as these organizations appreciate the fact that the heart of business success lies in marketing, financial constraints tend to make it very difficult to get word out about the products and services that a business offers.

Not to worry, below are some marketing tactics you can make use of that won’t blow your small marketing budget.

1. Logo

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that help consumers identify brands.

Remember that having a great logo is important. Design a logo that will stand out from the rest. When you have a simple but great logo, consumers will easily identify with your brand and have a high recall rate while purchasing. You can design logos in-house and have your team evaluate, criticize and approve them before releasing them to the market.

2. Website

"In this digital era, it is a crime not to have a website."

If you do not have one, it is almost as if your business does not exist. People visit websites to primarily find information. If they cannot find you then you probably do not exist. You can use your website to market and advertise your business. If you are a business owner you know that more website visitors lead to more potential sales.

There are several free website builders if you are short of cash. Some of them are Weebly, Wix, WordPress, and several others. They do a pretty good job.

3. Social Media

A report by We Are Social and Hootsuite’s latest collection of Global Digital 2019 reports reveals that internet users are growing by an average of more than one million new users every day.

It’s hard to overstate how important social media is right now for marketers and brands alike. Today, most businesses have a presence on more than one social media platform, and some have gone as far as focusing their entire efforts on social, with positive results. It is free to create a business page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you can broadcast your products and services for free.

4. Video Content

Many business owners say video has improved their conversion rate.

Businesses use videos to capture the consumer’s eye wherever they are online. For businesses with low budgets, one can create simple videos by using a camera or a mobile phone. For computers, Windows Movie Maker is amazing. YouTube is your friend and this is where you could find a lot of valuable tutorials about video editing software.

5. Word of Mouth

Believe it or not but 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends and relatives. It is therefore important to know that word-of-mouth is a powerful asset in marketing. If you give consumers something memorable, they will want to share the good news with others. Trust me, word-of-mouth is free, all you need to do is have a product or service that is worth talking about.

You can use social media as a referral channel. Encourage feedback to improve your delivery. If possible, share customer testimonials.


Stop making excuses about marketing being expensive. In today's world, businesses are using marketing to create awareness, increase sales and create customer loyalty. Without this, your business will simply be a "no sales, no company" story.

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