4 Powerful Things That Will Increase Your Customers

Woman smiling in her business office
Happy Business Woman

According to The Registrar of Companies, there was a 58.5% rise in the registration of businesses in Kenya during the period between April and November 2020, compared to a similar period the previous year. This translates to over 65,000 new companies registered, and on average, about 270 companies were registered daily.

This could mean that many people turned to entrepreneurship due to the negative effects of Covid-19. Could you be one of these 65K newly registered companies?

Keeping your customers happy, so that they keep coming back to you time and again, is healthy for your business. You need to know that one bad experience by a customer can have a far greater knock-on effect than one good experience. Understanding how to create loyal customers is one of the most important things for a business.

Let's delve into some actions that you can do that will encourage loyalty by your customers.

1. Appreciation

Being appreciative is one of the things a business person can do to build positive relationships with customers. A simple "Asante, Erokamano, Thank you, Shukuran, Niwega, Wazi, Poa," can make a difference in your customers' experience with you and your business.

"Statistics show that 84% of companies that endeavor to improve their customer experience increase their revenues."

Even as a micro-entrepreneur, you should always show gratitude to your customers at all times. Good customer experience leads to more referrals. I hope you know the power of word-of-mouth to any business.

2. Greetings

Greetings go a long way toward setting the tone for the customer's experience with you and your business. It is usually the start of every communication. It's bad manners to start a conversation with your customers before saying "hi."

Acknowledge the customer's presence - whether physical, on phone, via email, or whichever way you communicate. It's important to create that emotional connection with the customer. Break the ice and build that rapport. Trust me, customers love a good greeting. It shows that you care about the well-being of your customers or prospects.

3. Apology

Apologizing is a sign of strength and not weakness because it shows that you are self-aware. Becoming more self-aware allows you to relate better with your customers, creating a more harmonious environment. It's one of the Emotional Intelligent skills that every business person must have.

Everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are a fact of life, it's the response to error that counts - Nikki Giovanni. Take responsibility for hurting your customer or prospect, express regret, and offer redress. An apology is a key to showing your customer that you are deeply committed to their satisfaction.

4. Discounts

No matter how small a discount, your customers will love the feeling of getting a bargain. This excites them and puts you at the top of their minds every time they want to make a purchase. Discounts are known to encourage customer loyalty.

Does this phrase, "Bei yako ya mwisho ni ngapi?" sound familiar? Leverage the psychology of discounts to bring in more customers and make more money. Remember to do your math to avoid losses.


If you want your business to thrive, you should be looking for ways to ensure customer loyalty. Note that research shows that 65% of business comes from existing customers.

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