Rules and Policies

1. Buyers shouldn't misuse feedback, returns or payment dispute processes. Kindly report an abusive buyer to

2. Buyers must fully pay for the items including any shipping and handling costs before delivery. Failure to pay is a violation. In most cases, we guarantee that you'll get your item or your money back (see No.5).

3. Buyers can cancel orders within 3 hours of placing the order for a refund to be made less transactional charges that apply. Orders can be  cancelled through our email address or WhatsApp number.

4. EEGOL KENYA shall ensure that there is protection of your personal data. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We don’t allow user contact information to be published or displayed on our platforms.

5. Our return policy and money back guarantee (less transactional charges) is:-

    - The item is not received, or
    - The item arrives damaged, or
    - A different item from what was ordered is delivered, or

    - Buyer has cancelled an order within 3 hours of placing it. Any cancellations beyond 3 hours will not be accepted.

6. We require all shoppers to provide up-to-date and accurate contact information, including name, physical address, email and phone number.

7. We have the full authority from manufacturers to list the items on our platforms.

8. We don't allow counterfeit items or unauthorized copies to be listed

9. All prices are subject to change without notice and aren't guaranteed, except those prices for orders that have already been accepted are not subject to change after acceptance.

10. You must be over 18 years to transact